B.Com with ACCA


B.Com with ACCA Professional Qualification is a comprehensive globally recognized degree crafted to propel an international career, establish exceptional knowledge and fill the talent gap in international commerce and finance.

B.Com with ACCA graduates can embark on an illustrious career path in Audit and Assurance, Business Development, Business Restructuring, Commercial Finance, Compliance and Risk, Consulting and Advisory, Corporate and Business Accounting, Corporate Finance and much more.


ACCA is the world’s most widely recognized accountancy qualification for aspiring financial professionals.

ACCA’s mission is to provide business-relevant, first-choice qualifications to people with aptitude, talent and ambition to pursue a fulfilling career in accountancy, finance or management.

As a Chartered Accountant’s community, ACCA has over 219,000 members and 527,000 students at various stages of their careers, served by a network of 95 offices and activity centres.

ACCA is highly respected in investment banking, management and consulting.

B.Com with CA

B.Com with CA is the perfect platform for aspirants seeking to become successful Chartered Accountants. Chartered Accountants are renowned for their accounting skills, the ability to efficiently handle bookkeeping and taxation for a business, and also attract lucrative pay packages.


Every CA candidate has to receive a legal. There are three levels of necessary training designed by affirmation from a certifying body providing the ICAI in order to successfully qualify as a certified CA. documented proof of the individual’s skills and

capabilities essential for book keeping and the

tax collection from a business.


The topics included in the first and the second year of the B.Com syllabus are almost similar to the CA Foundation course, however, the standard prerequisites in CA are slightly higher, demanding hard work and dedication. Our integrated program allows aspirants to simultaneously pursue the courses and accelerate their careers.

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