About Us

The AMC Institution mission drives our focus on quality education for all and service to our society in need.

The great ambition and founding of AMC Institutions were made possible by the 40 years of tirelessly building our heritage in higher education. Our history and ethos—rejecting the existing quo, rethinking instructional strategies, and developing real-world professionals—are our greatest assets. Our carefully thought-out efforts have accelerated our ability to reach major milestones and have fueled successes that are evident in our relationships and alumni success. Our commitment to forward-thinking research, teaching, and societal service is infused with a strong vision.
The undergraduate and postgraduate programmes offered by AMC College, which is made up of the five constituent departments of commerce and management, computer applications, hotel management, biotechnology, and biochemistry, are centered around a vibrant academic environment that is conducive to learning.
The faculty, which is made up of a good mix of renowned academicians and business professionals, brings with them a wealth of practical expertise and stellar academic credentials. The curriculum is created to enable our students to make data-driven decisions that are supported by a broad range of subject knowledge, skills, and abilities. Our students have always benefited from our strong emphasis on applied learning with industry inputs and academic rigour since it helps them to expand their horizons, think globally, and adopt an entrepreneurial perspective.
We also think that this is a good time to support entrepreneurship. AMC is aware that creating entrepreneurs involves much more than just academic instruction. We are aware that an entrepreneur does not have a particular personality. To meet this problem, AMC College was founded, fostering an environment where businesspeople may be educated and supported.
The AMC College in Bengaluru offers courses that are totally devoted to fostering entrepreneurial thinking and behaviour on its stunning 52-acre campus.
Students are instilled with a spirit of inquiry by the AMC culture, which motivates a lifetime pursuit of intellectual and personal development. This culture encourages creative thinking and supports the search for novel solutions to challenging societal and business issues.

What we do?

Offer outstanding Engineering and Management education in a modern campus of 52 acres
Offer 11 undergraduate programmes across various branches of engineering
Offer 7 post graduate programmes across various branches of engineering and management
Conduct research in 5 departments recognised as Research Centres by VTU
Guide more than 3000 students annually
Most importantly, we train young people to be great engineers and leaders with knowledge and morals

What Makes AMC College Different?

Over the past 40 years, AMC has developed and perfected a unique way to give our engineering and management programmes the knowledge they need. We are involved in all parts of the students’ academic lives and make sure they strive for excellence as soon as they step on campus. We put a lot of weight on a curriculum that builds both knowledge and higher-level thinking skills. Our students’ academic performance continues to set the standard for engineering education in Bangalore because of how well and how motivated our faculty is.
When theory is put into practise, real learning that sticks around happens. We work with our students on projects and practical applications to help them learn and remember more about engineering and management. Our learning model includes things like guest lectures, seminars, conferences, and visits to businesses, where students can see how things are done and learn about new technologies firsthand.
We think that the best engineers and managers are those who are also well-rounded people. Sports are an important part of the curriculum because they show how much we care about the students’ physical and mental health. Individual interests and skills are supported by clubs and cultural forums that are full of life.
At AMC, every experience and opportunity a student has is important, well-planned, and has a lot of potential to help them grow as people.


To be a Leader in Imparting Value Based Technical Education and Research for the benefit of Society


  • Provide state-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities.
  • Implement modern pedagogical methods in delivering academic programs with an experienced and committed faculty.
  • Create a vibrant ambience that promotes learning, research, invention and innovation.
  • Enhance Institute-Industry interface through collaborative research and consultancy.
  • Generate and disseminate knowledge through startups, training programmes, workshops, seminars, conferences, and publications.

Program Outcomes

  • Imparting Knowledge: Gain the capacity to apply newly learned professional knowledge in contexts that reflect real-world professional settings.
  • Imparting Skills: Develop the ability to apply professional skills in order to execute tasks independently.
  • Building Attitude: Develop the right professional attitude towards the organization, its stakeholders and society at large to get deliver high quality time bound results.


AMC started off in 1984, collaborating with a Californian- University in USA becoming one of India’s first institu- tions to jointly grant courses with a foreign university. In 1994, AMC became the first private Institution in Karna- taka to offer an MBA Postgraduate degree. In 2001, AMC-CITY Group became the first educational group in Karnataka to offer engineering courses under two different colleges. With a vision to be a leader in provid- ing value-based technical education and research for the betterment of society, AMC Group provides holistic education in the spheres of Management, Engineering, Science, Technology, Tourism, Culinary Arts and Research for more than three decades.

Initiated by the Paramahamsa Foundation Trust in a verdant campus of 52 acres on Bannerghatta Road with uniquely designed buildings that blend seamlessly into the natural landscape.


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